What’s the relationship between level of greenhouse gas and planetary temperature?

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Cornell Note-Taking - SAMPLE
In the US

Questions/Main Ideas


TIME MACHINE to find out the answer for “What’s the relationship between level of greenhouse gas and planetary temperature?”
45 hard-working scientists worked in WAISD DEVIIDE in circles of tent under harsh working condition to find out samples to analyze.

They delivered 45 feet of ice cores to the US for sample analysis.

Team 3: 1 tutor + 2 students
1st fes: music & art performances: painting craps, exhibition, competition.
Invite professionals and contribution from every students.
Arrange places for non and students.
Actual event:
Biggest in 4 years.
Visitors in 5 days: 12500, > 10% last year & x3 first year.
Cinematic, photography exhibition, art gallery.

  • An actor absent, if can’t find other actor -> refund.

  • Exhibition was poorly attended.

  • Security @ art gallery.

Issues of accommodation:

However, transportations was excellent.

Budget: 50k pound & earn: 50k pound

Raised fund: 90k pound -> more budget for next year.
Cut spending: reduce charged for visitors, reduce paid less working helpers.
Get business support by local companies.


An announcement and reviewing the annual festival in an international university. The festival is mainly about arts. Extreme preparation and organization for such event that attracts thousands of visitors. Aiming to extend the university’s reputation and develop the student’s organizational skills. Providing current issues of the festival in general and in accommodations in specific, and also positive reports from visitors about the transporting services. Calculation of funds and prepare for next year festival and solutions for saving fund while enhancing the serving quality.
Class Notes Name_________________________
Topic___inside an Antarctic Time Machine Class__________________________

Date _________________________
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