Welcome to my house

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Welcome to my house
Gút bai ai đồ

Welcome to my house,
My name is Tuan. I was born in a small house located in Thai Binh Province. It was built in 1990s and rebuilt in 2018. It originally was a small house with a lot of trees around. After rebuilding, it has four floors with a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and specially it has a gym- the room which i like best although i rarely use it. Almost all of the rooms in my house are designed and decorated by my dad except my bedroom. I redecorated my bedroom about a year ago. Although it is not beautiful as my dad has done but it shows my style.
I love my house because of all memories associated with it. Although it is not beautiful as the others in my neighborhood, it is the most wonderful place which i always proud of.
Thanks for your reading.
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