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I. Pronunciation.

1. A. chair B. child C. cheap D. chemist

2. A. business B. shut C. summer D. sunrise

3. A. women B. movie C. lose D. prove

4. A. sign B. lift C. light D. might

5. A. chosen B. golden C. cover D. grove

II. Grammar and Vocabulary

6. She has worked as a secretary _________ she graduated from college.

A. since B. while C. before D. until

7. He is learning English _________ he can study in England.

A. so as B. so as to C. so that D. in order to

8. English _________ in many parts of the world.

A. speaks B. was spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken

9. She failed the test, _________ she studied hard.

A. despite B. as though C. although D. as

10. You will have to work hard if you want to _________.

A. success B. succeed C. successful D. successfully.

11. If I had time, I _________ to the beach with you this weekend.

A. will go B. would go C. would have gone D. will have gone

12. The following day she felt _________ well to go to work.

A. sufficiency B. sufficiently C. suffice D. sufficient

13. Mary was happy. _________ , Alice was very sad.

A. But B. Despite C. However D. Although

14. I asked her _________ she understood the lesson.

A. if not B. if C. if only D. even if

15. London is _________ of England.

A. a capital B. capital C. one capital D. the capital

16. - Hung: “Thank you very much for a lovely party.” - Hoa: “_________”

A. You are welcome B. Thanks C. Cheers D. Have a good day

17. He took his seat quietly _________.

A. in order that not to disturb their conversation. B. so as to disturb their conversation

C. in order not disturb their conversation D. so as not to disturb their conversation

18. AIDS is a(n) _________ disease.

A. endanger B. danger C. endangered D. dangerous

19. Whether we go out will depend _________ the weather.

A. in B. about C. on D. with

20. The children _________ to the zoo.

A. were enjoyed taking B. were enjoyed taken C. enjoyed taking D. enjoyed being taken

21. When I came to visit her last night, she _________ a bath.

A. was having B. is having C. had D. has

22. The man _________ we met yesterday was the manager of a bicycle factory.

A. when B. whose C. who D. when

23. Their _________ has lasted for more than 20 years.

A. friends B. friendship C. friendly D. friend

24. _________ he comes in half an hour, we shall go alone.

A. Because B. If C. Unless D. When

25. – Lan: “Bye!” - Peter: “_________”

A. See you lately B. See you later C. Thank you D. Meet you again

26. – Mary: “That’s a very nice skirt you’re wearing.” – Julia” _________”

A. That’s nice B. I like it C. That’s all right D. I’m glad you like it

27. – Nga: “ _________ do you go shopping ?” – Minh: Once a week

A. How often B. How long C. When D. How much

28. – Linda: “_________” - Mary: “Certainly”

A. Welcome back! B. What are you doing there ?

C. I’m sorry I am late D. May I borrow a pencil, please ?

29. Preparing for a job _________ can be stressful.

A. interviewer B. interviewee C. interviewing D. interview

30. Did you ask the teacher what _________ this afternoon ?

A. will we do B. can we do C. we would do D. could we do

31. People are not allowed to enter the park after midnight because lack of security.


32. The sun is so bright to look at directly.


33. They asked me what did happen last night, but I was unable to tell them.


34. They did not meet each other since they left school more than five years ago.


35. It was very nice of him to let me to borrow the money.


36. If we’d arrived at the station a few minutes earlier, _________.

A. we would have missed the train B. we would catch the train

C. we might have caught the train D. we will have got on the train

37. Tom said that _________

A. Ann buys a new car B. Ann has bought a new car

C. Ann had bought a new car D. Ann will buy a new car.

38. Alexander Fleming, _________ received the Nobel Prize in 1945.

A. that discovered penicillin B. who discovered penicillin

C. which discovered penicillin D. he discovered penicillin

39. “I didn’t break the window.” John said.

A. John refused to break the window B. John denied breaking the window.

C. John admitted breaking the window D. John told he didn’t break the window

40. Tom used to smoke when he was young.

A. Tom got used to smoking when he was young B. Tom smoked a lot when he was young

C. Tom has stopped smoking D. Tom doesn’t smoke no longer

III. Reading

The world’s first film was shown in 1895 by two French brothers. Although it only ___(41)___ of short, simple scenes, people loved it, and films have been popular ever since. The first films were silent, with titles on the screen to explain the story.

Soon the public had __(42)__ favorite actors and actresses and, in this way, the first film stars appeared in 1927, the first “talkie”, a film with sound, was shown and from then on, the public would only accept this kind of film.

Further improvements continued, particularly in America, __(43)__ most of the world films were produced. With the arrival of television in the 1950s, __(44)__ people went to see films, but in recent years cinema audiences have grown again. More countries have started to produce films that influence film making and there are currently __(45)__ national film industries.

41. A. consisted B. considered C. held D. belonged

42. A. his B. your C. their D. our

43. A. when B. who C. which D. where

44. A. each B. other C. any D. fewer

45. A. lots B. many C. plenty D. much

For many people the language of the Internet is English. “World, Wide, Web: Three English Words” was the name of an article by Michael Specter in the New York Times a few years ago. The article went on to say: “If you want to take full advantage of the Internet, there is only one real way to do it: learn English.”

In general, it is not difficult to learn to use the Internet services. But although Internet services are rather easy to use, you will have considerable difficulties if you are not familiar with English. In fact, a good knowledge of English is one of the most important aspects that help you use the Internet. Learning to use a new Internet service may take a few hours, a few days or some weeks, but it takes years to learn a language so that you can use it fluently and confidently. Of course, when you know some English, you can learn more just by using it on the Internet. But at least your English should be good enough to understand commonly used words and to know what to do on the Internet.

46. It _________ to learn to use Internet services.

A. is easy B. is difficult C. takes a few minutes D. take a very long time

47. According to the article by Michael Specter, you should _________ to take full advantage of the Internet.

A. learn to type fast B. learn to use the Internet

C. learn English D. learn the names of some websites

48. Learning to use a language fluently and confidently may take _________.

A. a few days B. a few hours C. a few weeks D. a few years

49. If you do not know English very well, you will _________ when using the Internet.

A. be laughed at B. have many difficulties

C. feel more comfortable D. spend a few days

50. Which of the following could be the best TITLE for the passage ?

A. “English and the Internet B. “Ways to take full advantage of the Internet

C. “Practicing your English on the Internet” D. “How to use Internet services”


I. Pronunciation:

1. A. wishes B. practises C. introduces D. leaves

2. A. stored B. ploughed C. laughed D. worried

3. A. though B. thought C. other D. there

4. A. rhinoceros B. hunger C. hunt D. hydrogen

5. A. but B. cut C. sun D. put

II. Grammar and Vocabulary

6. I’m writing to apply _________ the position of a tour guide.

A. in B. for C. to D. with

7. Tom’s neighbors apologized _________ the noise.

A. to B. about C. for D. at

8. I like this motorbike because it’s very _________. It consumes less petrol.

A. economic B. economical C. economically D. economics

9. It’s difficult to _________ what our lives would be like without musiC.

A. remember B. expect C. see D. imagine

10. My _________ in the family is to dispose of the garbage.

A. responsible B. responsibly C. responsibility D. response

11. - John: “I’ve passed my final exam.” - Tom: “_________”

A. Good luck B. That’s a good idea

C. Congratulation ! D. It’s nice of you to say so

12. – Minh: “Would you like to have dinner with me?” - Lan: “_________”

A. Yes, I’d love to B. I’m very happy C. Yes, it is D. Yes, so do I

13. – David: “You’ve got a beautiful dress!” - Helen: “_________”

A. I do B. I like it C. Sure! I know D. Thanks for your compliment

14. – Customer: “I need some ice. Can you get some for me?” - Waiter: “_________”

A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. Certainly D. No, I can’t

15. - _________ I borrow your pen for a minute ? - Yes, certainly

A. Will B. Shall C. Must D. May

16. I advised her _________ anything about it to her friends.

A. not saying B. not to say C. saying D. not say

17. When did you finish _________ the kitchen ?

A. to paint B. painting C. to have paint D. being painted

18. John _________ you when he has finished the report.

A. had called B. calls C. will call D. was calling

19. The car had a lot of problem. _________, I decided to sell it and bought a new one.

A. At the end B. In the end C. By the end D. At the end of

20. When I last saw him, he _________ in London.

A. has lived B. is living C. was living D. has been living

21. I’d like to have my shoes _________ at once.

A. repair B. repairing C. repaired D. being repaired

22. Pupils are made _________ hard at school.

A. work B. to work C. working D. worked

23. My friend said that she _________ the job two weeks before.

A. was offered B. has offered C. would offer D. had been offered

24. The man to _________ you were talking is a music teacher.

A. that B. who C. whom D. which

25. Take it easy and do _________ you want

A. which B. when C. where D. whatever

26. Some farmers could hardly support their families _________ they worked very hard in the fields.

A. because B. although C. even D. despite

27. Mr. Dam’s musical live show on the university campus went on _________ the heavy rain.

A. despite B. because of C. although D. because

28. _________ I pass my exams, my parents will be angry.

A. Unless B. If C. When D. Though

29. Hurry up _________ you will miss the train.

A. if B. unless C. or D. and

30. We are looking forward _________ her again.

A. to see B. to seeing C. at seeing D. for seeing

31. Rita usually plays the guitar while her brother plays the football in their free time.


32. A number of wild animals is in danger of extinction.


33. There were so much books in the library that I didn’t know which one to choose.


34. Do you mind to give me a hand to carry the heavy bags ?


35. He never goes home before he will finish his work.


36. She asked me _________.

A. if I understand the lesson B. if I understood the lesson

C. whether to understand the lesson D. whether I can understand the lesson

37. If he had set his alarm, _________.

A. he could have overslept B. he wouldn’t have overslept

C. he should have oversleptD. he wouldn’t oversleep

38. Jack has there brothers, _________.

A. all of them are married B. one of whom are married

C. all of who are married D. all of whom are married

39. The water was so cold that the children couldn’t swim in it.

A. It was such a cold water that the children couldn’t swim in it.

B. The water was too cold for the children to swim in it.

C. The water was cold enough for the children to swim in.

D. The water wasn’t warm enough for the children to swim in.

40. People think that he was born in a rich family.

A. That is thought he was born in a rich family. B. He was thought to be born in a rich family.

C. That he was born in a rich family is thought D. He is though to have been born in a rich family.

III. Reading

The Internet is the best example of the technological revolution ___(41)__ as the Information Superhighway. Linked by computer through global telephone ____(42)___, users can speedily obtain information by connecting to the World Wide Web. Before the “Web”, only textual information could be flashed on the computer screen, but __(43)__ a process called hypertext, visual images can easily be accessed by traveling through a maze of pages on Web sites all ___(44)__ the world. The internet is not independently owned, which ensures freedom of access to ___(45)__.

41. A. knowing B. knew C. is known D. known

42. A. wires B. lines C. nets D. switches

43. A. thanks for B. thanks to C. in spite of D. In stead of

44. A. in B. throughout C. over D. of

45. A. knowledge B. news C. information D. images

Many people buy and use copied programs for the computer. This illegal copying of computer software has become a huge industry because the software is much cheaper than the original programs. Illegal software can be found on sale in any part of the world although it is more rapidly available in Asian than in Western countries. Software manufacturers have been trying to get governments to stop this copying or “pirating”. In an attempt to get grid of “software pirates”, police have seized software form stores and fined the owners. This has been partially successful, but manufacturers are still losing a lot of money. By using this kind of software, computer owners risk damaging their computer. Illegally copied software can carry computer viruses which could wipe out information stored on the computer’s hard driver.

46. Computer software is ___________

A. part of all computers B. poor quality C. pirated programs D. programs used by a computer

47. People buy pirated software because it is ___________.

A. readily available B. good quality C. inexpensive D. easy to use

48. Pirated software is found ___________.

A. worldwide B. only in Asia C. only in the West D. in a few countries

49. In some countries, owners of illegal software have ___________.

A. asked their government to stop the pirating B. been forced to pay money

C. given their software to the police D. asked the police to help them

50. According to the passage, computers can be damaged by ___________.

A. all software B. no software C. illegal software D. hard driver.


I. Pronunciation:

1. A. liked B. bothered C. swallowed D. earned

2. A. participate B. microwave C. likely D. mildly

3. A. honesty B. hour C. honor D. hair

4. A. remove B. wet C. below D. decide

5. A. waste B. steam C. press D. sugar

II. Grammar and Vocabulary

6. Peter: “It’s very kind of you to help” Mike: “__________”

A. Certainly B. Not at all C. I’m afraid I’m not D. Yes, that’s right

7. John: “Do you want any help ?” Mary: “__________”

A. Yes, that’s right B. Yes, you are C. No, thanks. It’s all right D. I’m afraid I can’t

8. Ann: “ What shall we do this evening ?” Bob: “___________”

A. Let’s go out for dinner. B. Oh, that’s good ! C. No problem. D. I went out for dinner.

9. Daisy: “ I’m taking my end-of-term examination tomorrow.” Tim: “ ______________ !”

A. Good luck B. Good day C. Good time D. Good chance

10. Ruth: “You dance so beautifully, Dung!” Dung: “_____________”

A. Yes, I dance beautifully. Thank you B. Thank you. That’s great

C. Thanks. Ruth. That’s quite easy D. Thanks, Ruth. That’s nice compliment

11. You ________ play loud music at night. The neighbors will call the police.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. might not D. couldn’t

12. She came into the room while they ______________ television.

A. watched B. have watched C. are watching D. were watching

13. I’ve been in this city for a long time. I __________ here sixteen years ago.

A. have come B. was coming C. came D. had come

14. The man advised me _________ little coffee.

A. drink B. to drink C. drank D. drinking

15. The house is old and it needs __________

A. to paint B. painting C. painted D. being painted

16. The manager __________ signed the contract has been transferred to another company.

A. whom B. who C. whose D. which

17. My daughter is __________ young to go to school.

A. very B. too C. so D. enough

18. We arrived __________ to have some coffee before class.

A. enough early B. early enough C. too early D. early too

19. Mr. Kim lives on a boat; _________, he does not know how to swim.

A. however B. moreover C. consequently D. therefore

20. “When can you come?” “I’ll come as soon as ________ my work”.

A. I finished B. I’d finished C. I will finish D. I’ve finished

21. He kept his job _________ the manager had threatened to sack him.

A. despite B. in spite of C. because D. although

22. If only motorists ________ drive more carefully!

A. might B. shall C. would D. should

23. My father tells me to give …… smoking.

A. up B. off C. of D. out

24. Abdul was badly …… by a stranger.

A. frightened B. frightening C. frighten D. to frighten

25. This assignment must be 3000 words in __________.

A. weight B. length C. width D. depth

26. The house __________ six decades ago.

A. was built B. will be built C. was building D. was to be built

27. My brother is interested in doing __________ research.

A. scientific B. science C. scientist D. scientifically

28. If there weren’t the pull of the earth, everyone __________ of the same weight.

A. would be B. is C. will be D. are

29. __________ from several countries competed in many Olympic Games.

A. Singers B. Athletes C. Painters D. Workers

30. Pupils should have their eyes __________ regularly.

A. tested B. to test C. test D. testing

31. “Don’t forget to feed the chicken twice a day.” He said.

A. He said don’t forget to feed the children twice a day.

B. He told not to forget to feed the chicken twice a day.

C. He reminded me to feed the chicken twice a day.

D. He suggested me to feed the chicken twice a day.

32. He is not old enough to do the volunteer work.

A. He is very young that he can’t do the volunteer work.

B. He is too young to do the volunteer work.

C. He can’t do the volunteer work because of his old age.

D. His youngster prevents him from doing the volunteer work.

33.. My mother is very busy at work but she takes good care of her children.

A. In spite of being busy at work, my mother takes good care of her children.

B. My mother takes good care of her children but she is very busy at work.

C. Though my mother was very busy at work my mother took good care of her children.

D. Although my mother was very busy at work she did not take good care of her children.

34. Nam studies hard __________.

A. in order to passing the exam B. so that he will pass the exam

C. in order to pass the exam D. so as that he will pass the exam

35. ___________, he wouldnt have missed the train.

A. If he listened to me B. Unless she had listened to me

C. If he had listened to me D. If he didnt listen

36. Our form teacher told us not talk when the teachers were explaining the lesson.


37. When he will come to see me tomorrow, I will tell him the truth.


38. It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.


39. If I were rich, I would have donated large sums of money to relief organizations.


40. Although Nam worked very hard, but he didn’t pass the final exam.


III. Reading

Doctors say that regular aerobic exercise leads to a healthier heart. Jogging, (41)_____, riding a bicycle, and other aerobic exercises lower the risk of heart disease. In one kind of heart disease, fatty stuff called plaque builds up in blood vessels (42)_____ to the heart. Aerobic exercise helps prevent this buildup. Aerobic exercise also (43)_____ the heart and lungs stronger.

Doctors say you (44).______ do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week. You need (45)______ hard enough to get your heart beating faster than normal. You can feel your heart beating. You can use two fingers to feel a beat, or pulse, in your wrist or neck.


A walking

B walk

C walks

D walked


A which goes

B that going

C which to go

D going


A made

B makes

C making

D make


A would

B must

C should

D have to


A to exercise

B exercising

C exercise

D exercised

Music is a very important part of our lives. Music is for dancing, drinking, eating, loving and thinking. Some songs reminds us of our childhood or youth. Others remind us of the people we love. Many important occasions, like weddings and funerals have special music. Every nation has a national song like the American “ The Star- Spangled Banner”. In the U.S, high schools and colleges have school songs, too. Music is a part of the history of America. It expresses the problems and feelings of its people. When the years pass, the music grows and changes.

Modern science has also changed music. Inventions like records, radio, movies, electric instruments, tape recorders and video have changed the way we play and listen to music. They have helped to make music an important form of international communication.

American music, from the earliest folk songs to modern “pop”, is known around the world. Music is one of America’s most important exports. It brings the people of the world together. Even when people can not understand the same language, they can share the same music. Many people learn and practise English by singing songs. Understanding American music can help you understand American people, their history and culture.

46. What is true about “ The Star- Spangled Banner”?

A. It is played in weddings. B. It is liked by every nation

C. It is the U.S national song. D. It is one of the American school songs.

47. According to the passage, music is changed thanks to the invention of the following except ………..

A. videos B. electric instruments

C. tape recorders D. international communication

48. The words exports in the last paragraph is nearest in meaning to …..

A. things that can be bought. B. things that can be sold

C. things that can be enjoyed D. things that can be changed

49.What is the earliest form of music in America ?

A. School music B. national music C. folk music D. pop music

50. What can be the title for this article ?

A. An introduction to American music B. The development of American music

C. The history of American music D. The future of American music

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