University of finance – marketing faculty of marketing international marketing final exam assignment

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Production technology factors 
Trung Nguyen's technology pays great attention in researching and selecting modern coffee 
processing technology from leading technology countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy and in 
conjunction with leading consultants. international leader to choose the most optimal technology. So 
that Trung Nguyen can produce all kinds of coffee products with high quality at reasonable prices. 
In addition, the company produces coffee by biological fermentation. Coffee is produced by 
a biological fermentation method, the longer it is, the better it is, and ensures the quality of food 
hygiene and safety. 
Financial factors 
In terms of equity, Trung Nguyen Group's equity increased steadily in the period 2014 - 2017, from 
VND 3,212 billion (2014) to VND 3,928 billion (2015) to VND 4,609 billion (year 2015) 2016) and 
then 4,641 billion VND (in 2017), thanks to the large annual profit. Thereby, we can see that Trung 

Nguyen company has applied and solved the problems of capital and the use of necessary capital to 
implement the marketing plan.
3.5 Material supply factor
Trung Nguyen coffee uses not only one type of coffee in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen coffee uses 5 types 
of coffee from 5 famous countries for coffee ingredients in the world. 

Vietnamese Coffee: The most famous Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee bean in Vietnam is 
considered to be the world's preeminent with a strong taste.

Ethiopian Coffee: Full of original coffee flavor from the homeland of coffee.

Jamaican Coffee: Delicious, seductive coffee beans from the land of Jamaica.

Brazilian Coffee: Famous brand of the world's leading coffee exporting country.

Colombian coffee: The diversity of terrain from North to South has created conditions for 
Colombian coffee beans to bring many different flavors. 
All 5 types of coffee from 5 famous countries for coffee ingredients are distilled to create the world's 
leading coffee ingredients. The company has 2 purchasing methods, which is through private 
businesses, traders and buy directly from farmers. With the first form, when currently private 
businesses or purchasing agents face many difficulties, many agents default, directly affecting the 
supply that is not enough in both quantity and quality. Therefore, Trung Nguyen restricts the use of 
this supplier. Instead, the company has found a new direction for input materials, which is to invest 
and directly manage the coffee farms of the farmers themselves, making coffee farms a part of the 
coffee industry. businesses, thereby helping the company to be proactive in strategic raw materials, 
contributing to strengthening the relationship between businesses and coffee farmers. Trung Nguyen 
said that the coffee beans used by this company are purchased from small coffee farmers who have 
certificates of sustainable farming practices and the company buys at preferential prices from these 
households. Therefore, Trung Nguyen products will have a higher price than similar products of quite 
domestic brands.

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