University of finance – marketing faculty of marketing international marketing final exam assignment

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Market needs 
For them, black coffee has health benefits, so they switch to black coffee more, and instant coffee 
tends to decrease. Koreans prefer decaffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee is not popular in Korea. 
Consumers also love bold flavors, with cafes in Korea boasting that their coffees have some of the 
strongest flavors in the world. 
 Market trends 
The small packages of instant coffee containing coffee powder, sugar, and cream powder that 
dominated the Korean market for decades are losing the market for brewed coffee. However, this is 
still the coffee with the largest market share in Korea, and to meet the unique preferences of Korean 
consumers and diversify coffee products, manufacturers regularly improve coffee products. their 
instant coffee by adding new flavors to the product, while reducing the amount of sugar following 
health recommendations. Decaffeinated coffee is less commonly used in Korea despite its higher 
health benefits. As a result, there are only a few brands of decaffeinated coffee on the market. 
Taste and price are two points Korean consumers are very interested in when choosing to buy coffee. 
Korean consumers are also quite loyal to the brand they choose. The two best-selling coffees in Korea 
are Americano and filter coffee. 

Market growth 
Figure 2.1 The number of cups of coffee consumed per capita in Korea over the years 2007-2011 
We can see that the demand for coffee for every Korean has increased steadily over the years. Over 
5 years, the demand for coffee per Korean has increased by 37%. 
Keys to success 
Affordable prices along with the characteristic aroma of quality coffee beans are the key to the heart 
of coffee lovers. 

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