The Effect of Greenwashing, Green Word of Mouth, Green Trust and Attitude towards Green Products on Green Purchase Intention

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The Effect of Greenwashing, Green Word of Mouth, Green Trust 
and Attitude towards Green Products on Green Purchase 
Mayumi Kris Ghassani
, Nadhiv Arifata Rahman
, Trisha Geraldine
, Ina Agustini 

Binus Business School, Indonesia

I. Introduction 
The SDGs are a movement that is being drafted for sustainable development that has 
been determined by the United Nations. The purpose of holding the SDGs is for the 
development of human safety and the planet earth. of the 17 topics raised. Along with the 
SDG program carried out by Indonesia in recent years, Indonesia is trying to reduce the 
existing solid waste that has not been treated. point number 12 of SDG is responsible for 
consumption and production. Because of that, companies must prioritize environmental 
protection and according to Chan (2013). At this point, it is mentioned that we must start 
paying attention to sustainable waste management. People are also becoming more 
concerned about the effects of climate change, so they do more eco-friendly things in their 
daily lives and look for "green" products and services that help the environment. This 
shifting consumer preference has created a powerful incentive for businesses to develop 
green strategies and incorporate them into their goods and services (Chang et al., 2020). 

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