Thực tập sinh : Hoàng Thị Kim Ngần unit 14 : making plans lesson 1: a- vacation destinations (A1-3)

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Thực tập sinh : Hoàng Thị Kim Ngần


Lesson 1: A- Vacation destinations (A1-3)

A/ The aims and objectives:

1-The aims:At the end of the lesson , Sts will be able to talk about vacation plans , using “ be going to ”

+ Ask and answer using "be going to".

2- Objectives:

a. Language focus

* Vocab : vacation , citadel , beach , destination , bay , stay , visit

* Grammar: What are you going to do ? I am going to visit Hue

How long are they going to stay ? They are going to stay for a week

b. Skills: Listening – Speaking – Writing – Reading

B/ Preparations:

1/ Teacher: Text-book, lesson plan, pictures , projector....

2/Students: Text-books, notebooks, exercise book...

C/ Procedures:

I/ Organization: (1') - Greeting

- Checking attendance

II/ Warm-up: (5')

T: Hang on some pictures and ask ss where they are.

Ss: guess the pictures.

T: Check. Then ask ss some questions:

What are you going to do this summer?

Where are you going to go ?

Ss: Answer.

* T sets the scene: The summer is coming and I’m sure you have a lot of plans to do this summer . Let’s start our lesson to study how to make plans
III/ New lesson(31-35')

Teacher’s & Students’ activities



Pre- reading

T : Shows the pictures and asks Ps to remark

Ps : Remark

T : Introduces new lesson

- Plays tape

- Introduces new words .

- Reads words

Ps : Listen and repeat

=> Checking: matching.

T: Have ss predict What, Where, How long Lan is going to …

T : Plays tape twice (A1)

Ps : Listen and repeat

While- reading

T: Have ss to practice reading the dialogue.

Ps: Read the dialogue

T : Correct the prediction

Ps : Practice in pairs to ask – answer the question in part A2

- Write the answer on the board

T : Corrects and gives the answer

T : Guides Ps how to make a dialogue

Ps : Listen and make a dialogue with their partners

Post- reading

T: Ask ss to write the dialogue they have just finished on their notebooks.

Ps: Write in their notebooks

- T: Present grammar

Ask Sts to find the sentences to tell about Lan’s plans .

Ss: find out .

T: let ss practive the examples and ask them to give form and use.

Ss: Practice the examples.

T: Ask Sts to make sentences , using the word cues .

Ss: Make sentences .




I/ New words :

- vacation = holiday : kỳ nghỉ

- citadel (n): thành, luỹ

- beach(n): bãi biển

- aunt(n): cô, dì

- uncle(n): chú, bác

- stay (v) : ở lại

- visit (v) : thăm viếng

- be going to do: dự định làm gì đó

II/ Reading:

* prediction: visit Hue

Lan is going to stay with uncle and aunt
stay for a week
* Answer the question :

a. She is going to visit Hue

b. She is going to stay with my aunt and uncle

c. She is going to stay for a week

d. She is going to visit the citadel.

*Write :

A : What are you going to do this summer vacation ?

B : I am going to visit Ha Long Bay

A : Where are you going to stay ?

B : I’m going to stay in a hotel .

A : How long are you going to stay ?

B : I am going to stay for two weeks

A : What are you going to do ?

B : I’m going to visit the beach and swim .

III/ Structure:

S + be going to + V1

Ex : I’m going to visit Hue

She is going to do her homework tonight

=> Thì tương lai gần diễn tả những hành động sẽ xảy ra trong tương lai.

* Wordcues:

- I / visit Hue

I am going to visit Hue.

We / stay in a hotel

He / camp in the mountain

IV/ Consolidation:(6' )

-T: Ask ss to retell the leson.

Ss: Answer

*For class 6: T : Have ss change the sentences into negatives and questions.

1. I am going to visit Ha Noi.

I am not going to visit Ha Noi.

Are you going to visit Ha Noi?

2. Hoa is going to stay with her aunt.

3. They are going to see a movies with their friends.

V/ Homework:(2')

- Learn the newwords and the structures by heart.

- Do exercises part A1,2 in the workbook.

- Prepare: Unit 14: A4-6.

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