Sword Lake is one of the favorite places of tourists in Hanoi. Sword Lake is located in the city center. We heard many stories about Sword Lake and Turtle Tower

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Good afternoon everyone my name is… member of group … today I am here to present to you about Ho Guom and the Walking Street I’ve divided my presentation into two parts
Sword Lake is one of the favorite places of tourists in Hanoi. Sword Lake is located in the city center. We heard many stories about Sword Lake and Turtle Tower. Sword Lake has two parts: the wide water surface and the Turtle tower. Turtle Tower has been here for a long time. It has a mossy antiquity on it. Looking at Hoan Kiem Lake, we will immediately think of Hanoi with thousands of years of civilization. Sword Lake has Ngoc Son Temple. To enter the temple, we will go through the red The Huc bridge mat. The space in the temple is dignified and peaceful. People who come to the temple often dress politely so as not to cause loss of aesthetics. Walking street is the road around the lake. People usually come here on weekends. There are people who come for a walk. Some people come here for a date, some come here to hang out with friends. It’s not difficult in the bustling pedestrian street. Coming to Sword Lake, you will definitely have to try Trang Tien ice cream. This is a specialty of Sword Lake. If you go to Sword Lake on an ordinary day, you will encounter photographers taking pictures of the lake. Sword Lake is simple but very attractive. I love Sword Lake.
Stories of the Hoàn Kiếm turtle began in the fifteenth century with Lê Lợi, who became an emperor of Vietnam and founder of the Lê Dynasty. According to legend, Lê Lợi had the sword named Heaven's Will given to him by the Golden Turtle God, Kim Quy.
One day, not long after the war and the Chinese had accepted Vietnam's independence, Lê Lợi was out boating on the lake. Suddenly the Golden Turtle God surfaced, prompting Lê Lợi to return Heaven's Will and thank the divine turtle for its help. The Golden Turtle God took back the sword and disappeared into depths of the lake. Lê Lợi then renamed the lake Hoàn Kiếm Lake (or Hồ Gươm), meaning “The Lake of the Returned Sword.”
Despite eyewitness sightings of two or more turtles, Đức believed that there was only one specimen left in Hoàn Kiếm Lake.[7] Peter Pritchard, a renowned turtle biologist, believes that there are no more than five specimens left.[18]
The lake itself is both small and shallow, measuring 200 metres wide, 600 metres long, and only two meters deep. It is also badly polluted, although the turtles could conceivably live underwater indefinitely, coming to the surface only for an occasional gulp of air or a bit of sun. According to Pritchard, the turtles are threatened by municipal “improvements” around the lake. The banks have been almost entirely cemented over, leaving only a few yards of rocky beach where a turtle might find a place to bury her clutches of 100 or more eggs.[18]
Plans were underway to clean the lake of pollution, and the construction of an artificial beach had been proposed to facilitate breeding.[8] Dredging the lake, to clean up its bottom, was carried out in February and March 2011.[10]
Đức urged people to protect this animal and is quoted as saying, “We hope that we will find a partner for the turtle in Hồ Gươm, so that our legendary animal could avoid extinction.” Believing the turtle to be different from R. swinhoei, he is against the idea of crossbreeding turtles of the two kinds.[7]

From 2/9/2016, Hoan Kiem Lake & it’s adjacent areas were transformed into pedestrian zones from Friday nights to Sunday nights Pedestrian zones are opened to create a common cultural space for all Hanoi citizens to experience traditional cultural activities and promote Vietnamese culture in foreigners’ eyes and Vietnamese new generations Hanoi installed wi-fi transmitters around Hoan Kiem Lake so that people can get online If you come here in the afternoons & evenings on Saturdays or Sundays, you can join in many traditional games, such as: Jump rope, tug of war, Mandarin Square capturing, bamboo jacks, stilt walking, etc…and these games remind many people of the wonderful old days of their childhood You can enjoy live performances of many street artists here
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