Relationships Perry the Platypus

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Relationships of DOOF


1.Perry the Platypus

"It occurs to me that though I've never had a son, there is someone I can always count on to be there, someone I've begun to think of as family."
— Doofenshmirtz about Perry the Platypus

His nemesis is Perry the Platypus and it is often cited that the two enjoy loathing each other and presumably have for years.

Despite this, Doofenshmirtz is unable to recognize him unless he is wearing his secret agent hat.

The following format that Doofenshmirtz himself encounters Perry :

  1. "I have a scheme."

  2. "You try to stop me."

  3. "I trap you."

  4. "I tell you my scheme."

  5. "You escape."

  6. "We fight."

  7. "I'm defeated."

Doofenshmirtz shouts a constantly recurring phrase to Perry every time he thwarts his schemes:

2. Norm – the robot

Norm is Doofenshmirtz's robot assistant.

Norm would assist his master in his schemes, such as creating his own land, or holding up a motivational seminar.

Doofenshmirtz would get very frustrated by Norm's incompetence and lack of common sense. In spite of this, he often does care for Norm, and would often be impressed of whatever efforts Norm has put up.

3. Major Monogram

Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram actually know each other fairly well with Doofenshmirtz knowing both his home phone and cell number 

Nicknamed Major Monogram "Monobrow" because of his uni-brow, also likes to call Monogram by his first name Francis

4. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

Doofenshmirtz's daughter

The Doctor cares for her very much, tries to think of what's best for her, and is in fact a bit overprotective of her.

He always encourages her to be evil, but she generally doesn't seem to show much enthusiasm for "the family business." 

5. Roger Doofenshmirtz

Doofenshmirtz despises his younger brother openly, a grudge that has existed since they were children.

Roger was also the obvious favorite of their mother. Heinz's hatred and jealousy for his brother getting everything he wanted.

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