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NĂM HỌC 2014-2015




Reading and writing












PART I. LISTENING 20 minutes

Question 1: listen and number (nghe và viết số thứ tự) – 1point

Question 2: listen and colour (nghe và tô màu) - 1 point.

Question 3: listen and draw the lines (nghe và nối) - 1 point

1 2 3 4

Question 4: Listen and tick(nghe và đánh dấu () - 1 point

Question 5: Listen and complete (nghe và viết từ còn thiếu vào chỗ trống) 1point

village cold train stop

1. The traffic light means they must _________________.

  1. The weather will be ________________ tomorrow.

  2. She went to her home vilage by _________________.

  3. The ______________ is small but beautiful.


Question 6: look and read. Put the correct words in each lines.

1. You’ve got a toothache. You shouldn’t eat them.

2. We shouldn’t jump into it because we may drown.

3. I like her because she is very beautiful.

4. It is very hot and sunny in this season.
Question 7: read the passage and give the short answer for the questions.

Hoa lives in Binh Minh. It is a small and quiet village in Thai Binh province. It has got a lot of trees and not many people. There are not many shops. There is only one primary school in the village. Hoa likes living in her home village because it is peaceful.

  1. Where does Hoa live?


  1. What’s this village like?

  1. What does this village have?

  1. Does Hoa like living this village? Why or why not/

Question 8: complete the dialogue.

hours take hometown train

A: I went to my (1)……………. last weekend.

B: How did you get there?

A: By(2) …………

B: How long does it(3)………. to get there by train?

A: five (4)……………

B: oh, it’s a long way from here.

Question 9: choose the corect words/phrases and write.

go camping go fishing cold sunny

Hi. My name is Linda. I live in England. There are four (0) seasons in my country: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In summer, it is hot and (1).................... I usually go swimming. It is cool in autumn. I often (2).......................... In winter, it is (3)......................and cloudy. I sometimesgo skiing. In spring it is warm and beautiful. I sometimes (4)......................


Question 1 .

  1. John is planning a picnic on Sunday. He is talking to Tony.

John: let’s go for a picnic this Sunday.

Tony: well, we should stay indoors.

John: why?

Tony; it’ll be cold and stormy on Sunday.

John: how do you know?

Tony: the weather man said that on TV early this morning.

  1. The children are at Mai’s house. They are working on a school project.

Mai: I don’t see Nga here. Where is she?

Nam: she can’t come with us.

Mai: why not?

Nam: it’s windy and rainy today.

Mai: oh, I see.

  1. Mai is talking with her mother about her school visit to the zoo.

Mai: tomorrow we are going to visit the zoo.

Mrs Lan: don’t forget your hat and water. It’ll be very hot and sunny.

Mai: yes, mum. Thanks

  1. Nam is going to school. He’s saying goodbye to his mother.

Mrs Binh; are you ready for school, Nam/

Nam: yes, mum.

Mrs Binh: you should put on your warm clothes. It’ll be very cold and windy in the afternoon.

Nam: thanks, mum

Question 2.

  1. the sun is yellow.

  2. the car is red.

  3. the bike is pink.

  4. the computer is brown.

Question 3.

  1. Linda and her mother are in the kitchen.

Mother: what are you doing, Linda?

Linda: I’m cutting potatoes.

Mother: don’t use that knife. It’s very sharp. You may get a cut.

Linda: ok, thanks mum. I’ll change the knife.

  1. Peter and Tom are swinging in the yard.

Peter: Tom, can you swing like me?

Tom: ok, let’s see.

Mrs Green: Tom, Peter. Don’t swing too fast. You may fall of the swing

Peter: don’t worry mum we are ok.

  1. Mary is playing with a dog of her neighbor in the front yard

Mary; lucky, lucky, cute dog. Come here with me, lucky.

Mother; Mary!

Mary: yes, mum!

Mother: don’t play with the dog. It may bite you

Mary: don’t worry. It’s friendly.

  1. Jane is helping her mother in the kitchen.

Jane: what can I do for you, mum?

Mother: well, I’m busy cleaning the floor. Can you watch electric kettle?

Jane: ok, mum.

Mother: don’t touch the kettle. You may get a burn

Jane: ok, thanks mum.

Question 4.

You are going to listen to four children talking about their hometown.

  1. Hi, everybody. My name is Tom. I’m from England. I live in London. It’s a big and noisy city with a lot of people, parks and public gardens.

  2. Hello, I’m laura. I’m from Australia. My hometown is by the seaside. It is a quiet and peaceful place. There are a lot of green trees and stones in my hometown.

  3. Hi, my name is Nam. I’m from Vietnam. I live in a village. There are not many people and shops. And there is not much traffic. My village is a quiet and beautiful place.

  4. Hello, I’m david. I’m from USA. I live in a small town in the mountains. There are not many people in my town. The town is a quiet place.

Question 5.

  1. Boy: what does the red light mean?

Woman: it means we must stop.

  1. Man: what will the weather be like tomorrow?

Boy: It’ll be cold.

Man: are you sure?

Boy: yes

  1. Boy: where did you go last weekend?

Girl: I went back to my home village.

Boy: how did you go there?

Girl: by train.

  1. Girl: where is your hometown?

Boy: it’s a village by river.

Girl: oh, really. What’s it like?

Boy: oh, it’s small but beautiful.

Answer key


1. C 2. A 3. D 4. B

Question 2.

1. yellow 2. red 3. pink 4. brown

Question 3.

1 - Linda 2 - Tom 3 - Mary 4 - Jane


1. A. Nam 2. B. David 3. C. Tom 4. C. Laura

Question 5.

1. Stop 2. Cold 3. Train 4. Village

Question 6. 1. sweets

2. river

3. snow white

4. summer

Question 7. 1. In Binh Minh

` 2. a small and quiet village.

3. a lot of trees and not many people

4. yes,she does. Because it is peaceful.

Question 8.

1. hometown 2. train 3.take 4. hours

Question 9.

1. sunny 2. go fishing 3. cold 4. go camping

line 3

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