Individual assignment

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Individual assignment


Company A is the owner of the trademark "STARBUCKS COFFEE and device" registered for coffee products, coffee-containing beverages of Class 30 and the services of coffee and refreshment shops of Class 43 under the Certificate of Trademark Registration No. 75523 issued on September 28, 2006. The trademark is being protected in Vietnam.

Question 1. Company A discovered that Company B had already filed a trademark application for "STARLUCKS TEA & JUICE and device" at the Vietnamese National Office of Intellectual Property for tea and juice products on August 20, 2019. From your own perspective, can the mark "STARLUCKS TEA & JUICE and device" for tea and juice products be registered?
Question 2. How can Company A do to protect their legitimate rights against Company B when Company B uses "STARLUCKS TEA & JUICE and device" for tea and juice products?
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