Gallaudet University Office of Admissions Mission, Vision, Goals & Objectives

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Gallaudet University
Office of Admissions Mission, Vision, Goals & Objectives

(M. Miller; 1/08)

Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ Mission
The Gallaudet University Office of Undergraduate Admissions leads and supports the University in meeting its enrollment goals. It ensures the delivery of the university’s quality, educational programs to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and a limited number of hearing undergraduate (HUG) students, by identifying prospective students, informing them, their families, and professionals working with them about the excellent educational and co-curricular programs at Gallaudet, by guiding these students through the application and admissions processes and supporting their initial enrollment. The Gallaudet University Admissions Office is committed to the recruitment and enrollment of a qualified and diverse group of students for the purpose of providing a quality collegiate education and providing preparation for careers, professions, participation as a global citizen, and for advanced graduate level studies.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ Vision
The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will work to provide effective and comprehensive student recruitment services in keeping with the university’s mission and as part of its national and international educational program goals to provide the excellent education offered at Gallaudet University to as many qualified students as possible. The Office of Admissions will work with other university units, departments, and constituencies (including alumni) as well as numerous individuals, schools, organizations, and government leaders outside of the university to support efforts to create a diverse and highly qualified student body. This will be accomplished by developing and implementing a cohesive, planned, evidence based, and resourceful approach which is aligned with the mission of Gallaudet University. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions works to deliver its services efficiently and in a planned way with a positive customer service approach.
The Admissions Office will:

  1. Continue to enhance the Office of Admissions unit to ensure it is adequately staffed and trained and its programs and strategies are well designed, implemented and assessed, and continuously improved through a formal internal review process.

1.a replace vacant positions
1.b add transfer counselor position
1.c develop training programs and packets for admission counselors and faculty, staff and student recruiters
1.d develop alumni review panel to provide feedback to admission counselors about recruitment presentations
1.e develop or revise recruitment outreach assessment instruments and utilize for feedback from prospective students and/or families/ and or school staff.
1.f utilize feedback, assessment results, and other information sources to review effectiveness (during weekly meetings, monthly reviews, and retreats) of training programs, recruiter presentations, and strategies to obtain feedback.
1.g utilize result information for continuous improvement
1.h disseminate information to staff, faculty, and administrators and utilize to improve services and to analyze funding, staffing, and program support.

  1. Develop and implement formal recruitment plans which target prospective deaf and hard of hearing high school students in residential schools for the deaf, in mainstream public and private school settings, as well as developing specific recruitment plans for transfer students, international students, minority students, adult learners, and hearing undergraduate students (HUGS).

2a. collect general data about population growth rates and population size (general census information) and specific population rates for deaf and hard of hearing students by state and utilize information to target areas with large numbers of deaf and hard of hearing prospective students

2b. develop lists of residential and mainstreamed schools in states with high populations, moderately high populations, and with large numbers of deaf and hard of hearing students to be used to target opportunities to recruit more students in public schools; utilize regional center information if available.
2.c develop recruitment and program strategies for recruiting deaf and hard of hearing transfer students
2.d develop recruitment and program strategies for recruiting hearing transfer students

2.e develop recruitment and program strategies for international students

2.f develop recruitment and program strategies for minority students
2g. work with Dean and Associate Dean to support adult learner program development

  1. Actively recruit students from underrepresented minority populations using comprehensive and well planned implementation strategies developed in coordination with faculty experts in multicultural issues and appropriate Gallaudet University advisory groups with expertise in this area. Planning will take place during the spring, 2008 semester and continue through the fall semester of 2008.

3a. Work with the Associate Dean to coordinate and support faculty experts and faculty/staff advisory committees on campus; actively participate in programs, materials’ development, and recruitment efforts targeting students of color and other multicultural backgrounds

3.b Utilize recruitment strategies recommended by these groups for the 2008-2009 recruitment cycle

  1. Enhance the frequency, automatic nature of, and quality of communication with prospective students and their families.

4a. Attend training programs for Hobson’s recruit software

4b. Work with IT staff and representatives of the Enrollment Management Office to coordinate the implementation of the Hobson’s recruit software program
4c. Work with Enrollment Marketing to develop, review, and upload communication content needed to generate automatic responses to prospective students, their families, and staff in school and related environments
4d. Guide and direct the work of assigned faculty fellows who will develop additional communication content for the Hobson’s recruit software program

  1. Incorporate existing resources at Gallaudet University into the comprehensive recruitment plan (alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and community leaders within and outside of the deaf community) and utilize the skill and talent available from these groups to further enhance the recruitment programs.

5a. Work with the Dean and Associate Dean to develop alumni network plans throughout the U.S.

5b. Develop a pool of Student Ambassadors who can be used for various recruitment efforts

5c. Identify and provide information to faculty and staff who can be used to support the recruitment and enrollment goals of the Admissions Office

5d. Support enrollment management efforts to identify and utilize community leaders to enhance recruitment programs at Gallaudet University

  1. Develop and utilize upgraded electronic (database programs; electronically generated mass and individualized e-mails; videophone, etc.) and alternative methods of recruiting and communicating with students, families, and professionals working with prospective students as part of the implementation phase of the recruitment plans.

6.a Increase the use of VLOGS, BLOGS, IM, e-mail, and VP contact with prospective students and other constituent groups

6b. Utilize faculty fellows to enhance Admissions Office recruiting and communication methods

  1. Target transfer students and develop recruitment strategies which include the development of strong relationships with community colleges and other colleges and universities which have been historical “feeder schools” for Gallaudet University, or which are potential feeder schools.

7a. Work with Enrollment Management staff to develop a job description for a transfer admissions counselor position

7b. Coordinate interview and selection of new transfer admission counselor

7c. Support all ongoing efforts by the Associate Dean to enhance transfer programs and affiliations with community colleges, other colleges, and universities which are “feeder” or potential “feeder” schools

  1. Work collaboratively with other campus units to start the recruitment process when students are very young via early specialized student and family programs and through on and off campus university sponsored athletic, cultural, bilingual, and educational events.

8.a Support all faculty fellow and staff efforts to implement special student and family programs at Gallaudet and through Regional Centers and provide materials and programs for recruitment when appropriate

8b. Support university sponsored local, regional, and national athletic programs as requested
8c. Provide contact information as needed to Cultural Arts coordinators and upload information to Hobson’s recruit software to alert prospective members of Gallaudet sponsored arts related programs coming to their area
8d. Support the Academic Bowl regional and national competitions, sponsored by Gallaudet University, by identifying faculty moderators and recruiters; providing travel assistance to them; identifying students who have expressed an interest in Gallaudet University who are participating in AB; coordinate the Parent Reception/Luncheon Program at the AB; provide recruiters, faculty and staff and student recruiter volunteers, and administrators form Enrollment Management to work in the “family room”, “student room”, and with local educational leaders. Arrange for travel for administrators, faculty, staff and assist with all program areas of the Academic Bowl competitions. Locate students and their families who are not involved in Academic Bowl competitions who may be interested in participating in the family/Parent programs.
8.e Support the bilingual mission of Gallaudet University and utilize special bilingual programs to enhance recruitment efforts where appropriate; develop linkages with other campus units to bring the bilingual mission and program information to prospective students and other interested individuals, such as via the Gallaudet University CAEBER program and related Language Planning Institute:

{CAEBER has been the only center in the United States devoted to fostering educational leadership by supporting the ASL/English bilingual professional development of K-12 teachers/mentors and universities’ deaf education program instructors. From 1997-present, CAEBER has been funded by two federal grants administrated by Western Illinois University, through the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, to develop in-service and preservice curricula to train or retrain teachers of the deaf in an ASL/English bilingual model for instruction. In this effort, we have collaborated with numerous educators at schools for the deaf and universities across the country.}

  1. Work closely with the Financial Aid and Registrar’s Office as well as with the Academic Advising Office to provide uniformly smooth, coordinated, and efficient services to prospective and incoming students as it relates to Transfer and Advanced Placement (AP) credits, removing financial barriers, and providing sufficient support to enable the largest possible number of qualified students to benefit from the educationally outstanding programs offered at Gallaudet University.

9.a Develop interdepartmental communication flow and effective policies and procedures for coordinating work efforts

9b. Participate in Transition Team meetings

9c. Assist with NSO programs, as requested

9d. Work with the Financial Aid Office to clarify financial aid requests for students

9e. Work with Enrollment Marketing to produce outstanding recruit and retain marketing instruments and materials

9f. Assist with monitoring university responsiveness to transfer and freshman students wanting to transfer course credit or Advanced Placement (AP) course credit; work closely with the Registrar’s Office to provide transfer credit review within a shortened time frame.

  1. Provide Open House programs and coordinate campus visits for prospective students and their families

10a. Provide at least 2 formal Open House Programs at Gallaudet University

10b. Provide informal “Open House’ programs for students attending campus in groups through schools, agencies, and athletic teams.

10c. Coordinate all campus visits for prospective students and their families.

  1. Attain established first year/freshmen, transfer, and minority student enrollment


11a. Maintain or increase previous year’s overall undergraduate student enrollment target

11b. Maintain or increase previous year’s transfer student enrollment
11b. Maintain or increase previous years’ minority student enrollment
*Due to the negative impact of the accreditation status change and the protest of last year, enrollment targets may have to be adjusted.


Review of Information, Use for Continuous Improvement and Dissemination of Information
Closing Reflections

  1. Comment on the way in which the assessment process has facilitated teaching and learning.

  2. What about the assessment process may have hindered your efforts to improve teaching and learning?

  3. What does your department need in order to develop better methods of assessing to improve teaching and learning?

  4. What do you need in order to develop better methods of assessing to improve teaching and learning?

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