Exchange of Letters Grant Agreement Sample

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Stronger communities programme Exchange of letters grant agreement PDF

Stronger Communities Programme Round 6 
Exchange of Letters Grant Agreement Sample 
December 2020 
1 of 8 
Your reference no:  
 <first name> <last name>  <br /><organisation name>  <br /><organisation postal address 1>  <br /><organisation postal address 2>  <br /><organisation postal address 3> <br />10 Binara Street  <br />CANBERRA ACT 2601  <br />GPO Box 2013  <br />CANBERRA ACT 2601  <br />p: < state office phone number>  <br />e: , <br />w:  <br />abn: 74 599 608 295  <br /><i>NB: This is an example Exchange of Letters Letter of Agreement intended for use with the Stronger </i> <br /><i>Communities Programme Round 6. The Commonwealth reserves the <a href="/chapter-3-time-value-of-money.html">option to amend or adjust the </a></i> <br /><i>form of the grant agreement.</i><b> </b> <br />Dear <title> <first name> < last name>  <br /><b>Letter of Agreement </b> <br />The <organisation name> application was successful and I am writing to offer you a Stronger  <br />Communities Programme Round 6 grant.  <br /><b>The Agreement </b> <br />This letter is an offer to enter into a binding grant agreement (Agreement) between <organisation  <br />name> ABN <organisation ABN> (Grantee/you) and the Commonwealth of Australia as  <br />represented <a href="/ph-lc-thut-ng-thng-dng-trong-t-chc-s-kin-accepted-practices-ex.html">by the Department of Industry</a>, Science, Energy and Resources on behalf of the  <br />Department of Infrastructure, <a href="/m-u-inland-waterway-transport-plays-an-important-role-for-the.html">Transport</a>, Regional Development and Communications  <br />(Commonwealth/we). <br />The Agreement includes:  <br /> <a href="/-thi-minh-ha-ngoi-ng-1-mark-the-letter-a-b-c-or-d-on-your-scre.html">this letter  </a><br /> the grant schedule (attachment A)  <br /> the letter of agreement terms and conditions (attachment B)  <br /> your application  <br /> the grant opportunity guidelines applicable on the date you submitted your application.  <br />We may use information contained in this Agreement for <a href="/acb-issue-bonds-to-the-public.html">public reporting purposes</a>, including the  <br />grantee name and grant amount.  <br /><b><span id='What_you_must_do'>What you must do </span></b> <br /></div> <style type="text/css"> </style> <hr /><div id="page2-div" > <br />Stronger Communities Programme Round 6  <br />Exchange of Letters Grant Agreement Sample  <br />December 2020  <br />2 of 8  <br />1 <br /></organisation></organisation></organisation></first>

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