Mave dissertation, Lancaster University 2001 The Role of Culture in the Perception of Nature in the United States Martin J. LeBlanc Acknowledgements
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  Mave dissertation, Lancaster University 1995 Being and Everythingness? Aspects of Freedom and Identity in the Thought of Sartre and Others, with Reference to 'Environmental Ethics'. Nick Hunt ma values and the Environment: Dissertation
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  The Last Refuge Of The Unquantifiable: Aesthetics, Experience And Environmentalism Michael Hannis
  The Myth Of Green Consumerism: Consumption, Community And Free Markets Michael Hannis
  Corporate Nature
  Foucault's Discourse Karl Rogers
  What might it mean to say nature has “intrinsic value”? Do you think it has? Introduction
  Creating Moral Sentiments and Attitudes towards Farm Animals Saara Kupsala
  Mave dissertation, Lancaster University 2001
  Incorporating the Other: Val Plumwood’s Integration of Ethical Frameworks David Eaton Supervisor: Clare Palmer
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