Chapter 1: business in the information age

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2. VoIP Phone System

-This technology allows callers to communicate via a broadband internet connection, thus eliminating long-distance and local telephone charges. Skype, Viber are examples of this system

3. Open office and home office

-Small computers and flat-screen monitors enable workers to save space with boomerang-shaped workstations and cockpit-style work surfaces

4. Speech recognition

-Computers and mobile devices equipped with speech-recognition software enable users to dictate hands-free with accuracy
-Users can create documents, enter data, compose and send emails, search the Web, control laptops by voice

5. Electronic presentation and data visualization

-Business presentation in PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote can be projected from a laptop or tablet or posted online
-Sophisticated presentations may include animations, sound effects, digital photos, video clips or hyperlinks

6. Social media for business

-Businesses can take advantages of the social media to send messages to the public, drive traffic to their websites, announce events and promotions, get customer’s feedbacks
-Organizations may use the social media to build brands and attract talented candidates

7. Blogs, Podcasts and Wikis

-Blogs are used to keep customers and employees informed and get their feedback
-Podcasts are popular audio files played back from a website or downloaded to digital audio players
-A Wiki is an Internet or Intranet site that allows multiple users to collaboratively create, edit and store digital files

8. Web conferencing and video conferencing

-Web conferencing incorporates screen sharing, chats, slide presentations, text messaging and application sharing
-All services provide voice and video and they can be accessed from all devices


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