Chapter 1: business in the information age


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Avoiding Ethnocentrism and Stereotyping

-Ethonocentrism is the belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group
-A stereotype is an oversimplified, rigid perception of a behavior pattern or characteristic applied uncritically to groups
-Tolerance, learning about those who are not like us and being open-minded and receptive to new experience, is crucial as global marks expand and our society becomes increasingly multiethnic
-To become more tolerant, practice empathy, trying tp see the world through another’s one eyes and being less judgemental and more eager to seek common ground
-One way of promoting greater understanding is to work toward a common goal

Successful oral communication with intercultural audiences

-Use simple English
-Speak slowly and enunciate clearly
-Encourage accurate feedback
-Check frequently for comprehension
-Observe eye messages
-Accept blame
-Listen without interrupting
-Smile when appropriate
-Follow up in writing

When you write to someone from a different culture, you can improve your chances of being understood by following the following suggestions:

-Consider local styles and conventions
-Observe titles and rank
-Hire a translator
-Use short sentences and short paragraphs
-Avoid ambiguity
-Cite numbers carefully


Apart from technical knowledge, workers are expected to show professionalism and process soft skills, people skills or emotional intelligence
- “People skills/ Interpersonal skills/ professional skills are defined as a combination of communication, logical reasoning, critical thinking, teamwork and management skills

The most common forms of technologies at work today

1. Clouding

-Clouding computing offers access data on remote servers with a computer or mobile device
-This technology increases mobility and information sharing
-All social media platforms are cloud-based such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Adobe’s Creative Suite

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