I. introductionI. introduction
One can experience the political reality of the issue in the emergence of the caste based politics. The equally disturbing is growing division of the society on the lines of caste. This necessitated a relook at the policy of making caste
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Dignity and Substantive EqualityDignity and Substantive Equality
In looking at how courts have promoted dignity and tackled disadvantage through equality law, the paper suggests that judges should pursue an end to disadvantage, and dignity will follow from that
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Separate but equalSeparate but equal
Under an apartheid-like system of legalized segregation and white supremacy. The Supreme Court's 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson determined that "separate but equal" public facilities like restrooms and railroad cars were legal
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Of inheritanceOf inheritance
Reform of the customary law of inheritance in Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa
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