Bài tập kết hợp thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh

Bài tập kết hợp thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn

  1. Where ___________you (live)____________?
    I (live)______________in Hai Duong town.
    2. What _______________he (do) ______________now?
    He (water)_________________flowers in the garden.
    3. What _______________she (do)_____________?
    She (be)______________a teacher.
    4. Where _________________you (be) from?
    5. At the moment, my sisters (play) ____________ volleyball and my brother (play) ______________soccer.
    6. It is 9.00; my family (watch)___________________TV.
    7. In the summer, I usually (go) ______________ to the park with my friends, and in the spring, we (have) ___________Tet Holiday; I (be) ________ happy because I always (visit) ______________ my granparents.
    8. ____________your father (go)_____________to work by bus?
    9. How ___________your sister (go)___________to school?
    10. What time _____________they (get up)_________________?
    11. What ____________they (do)________________in the winter?
    12. Today, we (have)______________English class.
    13. Her favourite subject (be)__________________English.
    14. Now, my brother (like)_________________eating bananas.
    15. Look! Aman (call)_________________you.
    16. Keep silent ! I (listen )____________________to the radio.
    17. ______________ you (play)_________________badminton now?
    18. Everyday, my father (get up)_________________ at 5.00 a.m, but today, he (get up) __________________ at 6.00 am.
    19. Every morning , I (watch)_________________tv at 10.00, but today I (Listen ) ________________ to music at 10.00.
    20. Everyday , I (go) __________to school by bike but today I go to school by motorbike.
    21. Every morning, my father (have) ______________a cup of coffe but today he (drink)____________milk.
    22. At the moment, I(read)_______________a book and my brother (watch)_______ TV.
    23. Hoa (live)________________in Hanoi, and Ha (live)________________in HCM City.
    24. Hung and his friend (play)_______________badminton.
    25. They usually (get up)___________________at 6.oo in the morning.
    26. Ha never (go)______________fishing in the winter but she always (do)_____________ it in the summer.
    27. My teacher (tell)__________________Hoa about Math.
    28. There (be)____________________ animals in the circus.
    29. _______________he (watch)______________TV at 7.00 every morning?
    30. What _____________she (do ) _________________at 7.00 am?
    31. How old _________she (be)?
    32. How ___________she (be)?
    33. My children (Go)________________to school by bike.
    34. We (go)_______________to supermarket to buy some food.
    35. Mr. Hien (go)________________on business to Hanoi every month.
    36. Ha (like)______________coffee very much, but I (not like)______________it.
    37. She (like )________________Tea, but she (not like)____________________coffee.
    38. I (love)_______________ cats, but I (not love)__________________dogs.
    39. Everyday ,I (go)______________to school on foot, but today I (go)________________to school by bike.
    40. Who you _________________(wait) for Nam?
    - No, I _______________________(wait) for Mr. Hai.
    41. My sister (get)______________ dressed and (brush)_______________her teeth herself at 6.30 everyday.
    42. Mrs. Smith (not live)____________in downtown. She (rent)___________in an appartment in the suburb.
    43. How _________your children (go)_________________to school everyday?
    44. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. Lien (be)________in her room. She (listen) _______________to music.
    45. We_______________________(play) soccer in the yard now.
    46. My father (go)___________ to work by bike. Sometimes he(walk)______________.
    47. _________You (live)________near a market? _ It (be)____________noisy?
    48. Now I (do)_____________the cooking while Hoa (listen)_______________to music.
    49. At the moment, Nam and his friends (go)_______________________shopping at the mall.
    50. In the autumn, I rarely (go)______________sailing and (go)__________to school.
    51. I (write)_____________________________ a letter to my friend now.
    52. At 12 a.m every day, I (have)______________lunch and (go)____________to bed.
    53. On Monday, I (have)________________________ math and Art.
    54. On Friday, I (have)______________________English.
    55. At the moment, I (eat)______________an orange, and My sisters (Play)_______ Tennis.
    56. _______her bag (be)?
    - No, they(not be)______________.
    57. What time _____________your children (go)____________ to school?
    58. He (live)________________in HCM City.
    59. What time___________your brother usually (get)___________up?
    60. My house (be)_________in the city and it (be)_________small.
    61. Every morning , we (have)__________breakfast at 7.00 am.
    62. This (be)________a book and there (be)_________pens.
    63. Mr. Quang (live)____________in the countryside. He (have)__________a big garden.
    64. John (not have)______________Literature lesson on Friday.
    65. What time _________you (start)___________your class?
    66. ___________you (be) in class 12A3?
    67. Mrs. Ha (learn)__________________in Hanoi, but she (not live)__________________ there.
    68. My brother (not live )____________________in London; he (live )_______________ in Manchester.
    69. Now Mr. Long (design ) ____________________his dream house.
    70. He (like)_____________APPLES, but he (not like )_____________________bananas.
    71. __________________she (like)______________apples?
    72. Usually, I (have)_________________lunch at 12.00.

-__________________you (have) ___________________lunch at 11.00?
73. He can (swim)_______________but I can’t(swim)_____________________.
74. At the moment, my sister (read)___________________ a comic book.
75. I (like )__________________ice-cream.
76. What ___________________Mr. Ha (live)_______________?
77. Monkeys can (climb)_________________ the tree.
78. Hang (go)__________________to the bookshop now because she (want) ___________to buy some books.
79. We (go) ______________to market and (buy)_________________some fruits.
80. Now, Lan (study)________________English and Lien (listen)______________to music.
81. Everynight , she (have)____________________dinner at 7.00 p.m.
82. Every year, I usually (go)______________________Vietnam.
83. In the summer, I sometimes (go)____________________swimming.
84. Every everning, my mother (like)___________ watching television.
85. Lan (have)_______________breakfast and (go)___________to school at 6.30 a.m.
86. We (not read)___________________after lunch.
87. Tom (be)___________my friend. He (play)______________sports everyday.
88. ______________your students (play)__________soccer every afternoon?
89. He (go)_____________to bed at 11.30 p.m.
90. They (go)___________home and (have)___________lunch.
91. ___________he (play)__________sports?
92. He (teach)_______________English in a big school in town.
93. Everyday she (go)____________to work by bike.
94. We usually (read)_________books, (listen)_________to music or (watch)_______TV.
95. Sometimes, I (play)__________badminton.
96. Ann (like)____________her job very much.
97. ___________your mother (walk)_________to the market?
98. Look! They (run)_________________________together.

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