Abolition: the action or an act of abolishing a system, practice, or institution

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Abolition: the action or an act of abolishing a system, practice, or institution.
1502: First enslaved Africans in America.

Late 1700s: Anti-slavery campaign now begins in America and several leaders of the American revolutionary movement speak out against slavery.

1760s-1770s: John Wilkes promotes freedom of slavery.

1787: Establishment of a committee to entirely abolish the slave trade initiated the British movement.

Early 1790s: Anti-slavery campaign is a major political issue.

1794: France abolishes all slavery and the enslaved are all freed.

Early 1800s: The American Colonisation Society leads anti-slavery protests.

1807: A decree created to abolish slave trade in Britain.

1817: Spain signs a treaty with Europe in agreement to end the Spain slave trade.

1817: Slave Registration Act forces all slave owners to give the names of all the people used as slaves in the previous two years.

1820: the US law makes slave trade a crime equal to piracy, which is punishable by death.

1820s-1838: Anti-slavery movements grow powerful. Three-fourth of a million slaves are freed in the British colonies.

1831: William Lloyd Garrison demands of immediate freedom for the slaves and begins publishing his newspaper called “The Liberator.”

1833: Abolition of Slavery Act is initiated. Britain abolishes slavery and supports the freedom of enslaved people in the Western area of Britain.

1865: Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was a decree that was passed to abolish and regard slavery as illegal.

1866: Abolition of slavery in Cuba

1888: Abolition of slavery in Brazil.
The Abolition of slavery was not a movement that took place in one country but it was like a domino, influencing other countries to pull away from the slave trade and fight for emancipation. The Abolition movement really changed traditional times because as new decrees were passed slave trade was issued as an illegal act. The movement of abolition led countries to become a more liberated nation. As people stood up for what was right new laws were issued making the country a better place.

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